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Tonight! Psy Invasion /London / Beard Weirdy LIVE + much more full spectrum psy trance / Opus sound / Amazing decor / Call after 10pm 07958 145074 07598 145076

Tonight! Psy Invasion /London / Beard Weirdy LIVE + much more full spectrum psy trance / Opus sound / Amazing decor / Call after 10pm 07958 145074 07598 145076

LOVE ACTIVISTS have seized control of a Bank of England building in Liverpool, Merseyside.#olsx @occupynn


LOVE ACTIVISTS have seized control of a Bank of England building in Liverpool, Merseyside.

In the early hours of this morning, Love Activists seized a disused Bank of England building, one of only 3 in the UK. This bank had been taken as part of the Love Activists 'Reclaim the Banks' initiative. Over the next few days, we want to create a welcoming community space and social centre, with rooms for performance art, film screenings, skillshares and workshops, as well as a free street kitchen and safe space for the whole community. 

We are issuing an urgent call out for:
 - POLITICAL SPEAKERS from any background
 - and, THE WHOLE LOCAL COMMUNITY to come down, join in and enjoy the new space.

If you are interested in using the space for anything at all, please contact Danny on 07956 520647. Be quick - we don't know how long we'll be able to hold onto the building.

As well as as many individuals as possible, we also have a Wishlist:

 - barricading equipment - wood, nails, drills, anything a bit 'DIY'
 - film screening equipment that can be lent (and some kind technical person to operate it!)
 - STREET KITCHEN - any donations of food, blankets, any unwanted clothing for the FREE SHOP.

No money please, only Love and yourselves!

More to be updated as the occupation commences.

Address - 31 Castle Street, Liverpool, Merseyside.


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07479857835 (call after 5pm)


PEACE AND LOVE eco village Egham edge M25 needs you activists n climbers,to dig in for victory music jam fri sat sun round it eco village Egham edge M25 needs you activists n climbers,to dig in for victory music jam fri sat sun  round it

‘Cheap Thatcher tribute’: Housing associations plan Tory ‘right-to-buy’ legal challenge — RT UK

‘Cheap Thatcher tribute’: Housing associations plan Tory ‘right-to-buy’ legal challenge — RT UK

Braveheart Freedom Speech (HD)

March for Homeless. Police Snatch Squad #olsx @occupynn getting nicked for asking what reason a man being told to get inside,Welcome to Britain Tory Tyranny 2015 Homelessness NOW a CRIME Operation compass

Downing Street protest against homeless crisis » Central Government »

Downing Street protest against homeless crisis » Central Government »

People are dying on our streets, in hostels and because of homelessness, last year in London alone at least 149 people tragically died. We will be remembering all those that died and are calling on this government to end this national disgrace. 
Fuck the government take action house yourselves in the 1.5 million empty buildings long live the spirit of the 1946-49 ex army squatters, were havin it back homes for all.

Rise like lions

I Am One of Britain's Hidden Homeless | VICE | United Kingdom Eighty thousand children were homeless at Christmas, living in shelters like the one I’m in with my family now.

I Am One of Britain's Hidden Homeless | VICE | United Kingdom

March4Homeless Livestream by Tammy Samede great roundup of the Uk marches for Homeless viva the Uprising #olsx @occupynn

March4Homeless Livestream by Tammy Samede

Phoenix rising International people read this blog in so many countries, lets hope it spreads the ripples of a better future...rise like LIONS Freedom for all #olsx @occupynn #housingaction

United States
United Kingdom
South Korea
Czech Republic

It never cease to amaze me the people who read this blog across the world.
Get organised in your area,create community centres and spaces, organise, network ,share resources create the future you want to see.
Reclaim the Power now is the hour.
Homes for All land for all. Turn the world upside down and reorganise.
Create sustainable communities, direct democracies in the squares and work places.
The current system is poisoning your air and water supply, fracking and oil oligarchies controlling the so called democratic parties. 
Create the sustainable futures you want to see,take action every day for  a better future.

Recalaim the streets ,reclaim the hills and valleys, reclaim the houses, reclaim the Future, 

Rise like lions, 
"don't know how much i got left but their is a spark of a phoenix within each one of you,reclaim your power, share resources for people and planet , co-operate on solutions.other worlds are possible, time for action before they poison the last river,chop down the last tree.

The power is in you and me, withdraw your consent from the planet fucking corporations and their government cronies and create the worlds you want to see. visualise the co-operative,sustainable future you want to see, energise it, take action every day and network relentlessly for a better future,.
One love and resistance Phoenix
Rise like lions in un vanquishable number.......tomorrow belongs to the people.....awaken to a
 new dawn a co-operative sustainable future were we care for it planet fuckers ...innit...

Get in touch or donate button on front page to support the cause of a brighter future .....
Other worlds are possible ,Rainbow Tribe feel the Vibe 

MF4H St James to Soho Via Piccadilly April 15th 2015

MF4H Treasury to Buckingham Palace April 15th 2015

MFH Whitehall Bloc Aid April 15th 2015

talking about a revolution (tracy chapman)

Ed Solo & Deekline - Hail Up The Lion

The Homeless Massive Rush the gates of Buckingham Palace, snuff is snuff share the 1.5 million empty buildings and the Land #olsx @occupynn

March for the Homeless London attempt to Squat at Buckingham Palace. 15/04/15  video by C Green The revolution has started . the people have had enough .
Posted by Revolution Britain on Wednesday, 15 April 2015

March for the Homeless - Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Soho |

March for the Homeless - Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Soho |

March For The Homeless A Huge Success: This Is Exactly What The Capital Needs | the void

March For The Homeless A Huge Success: This Is Exactly What The Capital Needs | the void

Anti-homelessness protesters march in London

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Runnymede needs You! Eviction Resistance ॐ - UK Indymedia #olsx @occupynn #housingaction

Runnymede needs You! Eviction Resistance ॐ - UK Indymedia

Runnymede needs You! Eviction Resistance ॐ

Rob and Jedi | 06.04.2015 19:36 | Occupy Everywhere | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London | World
To one & all, an invitation and call out to activists and lovely people across the gamma for talks and discussion on thoughts feelings and strategy leading up to the court hearing on the 9th of April at the County Court at Guildford. We would like to invite anybody with experience or advice in our situation to join us in solidarity with our views for freedom, justice and equality for all.
All species and subspecies alike.

We are approaching our court hearing on Thursday. We would like to open our space around the fire for discussions all week. We want to defend our homes and community in the most peaceful, artistic and creative ways possible. Free refreshments, food and accommodation available upon request but please bring provisions, sleeping bags and tents where possible.

Recent articles about Runnymede and the coming eviction;

Our Facebook page:


Drivers and people with transport
Legal Advisor's
Legal Observers
First Aiders
Artists, Musicians Poets
Media Hypers, Documenters, Bloggers, Trolls and bridge builders, Creative types, and general peaceful rebel antics!
& anything you fell may be of use to us at this time.
Rob and Jedi
- e-mail:
- Homepage:

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Victory for eco warriors as court hearing allows them to remain in Runnymede Eco Village - Englefield Green woodland - Get Surrey #olsx @occupynn #housingaction @Squash_campaign

Victory for eco warriors as court hearing allows them to remain in Englefield Green woodland - Get Surrey

Members of the Runnymede Eco-Village celebrate outside Guildford County Court after they are given 14 days to put their defence together

Eco villagers living in woodland in Englefield Green are claiming victory after a court ruling that could allow them to remain until after the Magna Carta anniversary celebrations.
Runnymede Eco-Village, has been home to a collection of individuals and families who started building a community of wooden structures in 2012.
It was once the Brunel University Runnymede Campus. But the inhabitants have been issued with an eviction notice by landowners Orchid Runnymede.
Orchid have planning permission to demolish the former university campus and build a collection of care homes, student accommodation units, private homes and affordable housing near the Eco-Village.
However, at a hearing yesterday (Thursday) at Guildford County Court, District Judge Kubiak granted an adjournment after representatives for the landowners asked for an order for possession of the land, on the grounds of trespassing.
Adjourning the case for the villagers to serve their defence, Judge Kubiak said: “It appears to me that there is some arrangement in place in some shape or form to occupy this land.”
They now have until April 24 to put a defence together, ahead of the next hearing, expected in May.
Speaking afterwards, Peter Phoenix, who has lived in sustainable communities, with squatters and eco-villagers for 20 years, said he hoped it would raise awareness of the need for land for similar communities to live on.
“That was a major victory,” he said. “The law is stacked in favour of the landowner.
“Maybe people want to offer some bits of land for people to live on.”
He said the group gathered by the Magna Carta memorial on Runnymede Meadow in 2012 when deciding to create the Eco-Village and would put banners out to raise awareness of their threats of eviction during the celebrations, should they still be there.
Another resident named Vinny, 48, said the village was home to around 40 people, as those facing homelessness in London often visited for support and to attend work-shops.
“We provide security and respite for the displaced community,” he said.
“The site that we are on is not part of the building development. Our being here should have no interference with the development.”
He said the development and risk of eviction had been in the backs of their minds for some time.
“It’s ironic that two months before the Magna Carta anniversary, the system is trying to stamp out a community that live in freedom.
“We have got gardeners, psychologists, carers and a couple of builders living on site and run workshops for children – it’s a real joy to see.”
During the hearing, one of five residents defending the Eco-Village, Mr Phoenix, invoked clause 39 of Magna Carta, when asking for more time to put their defence case together and said they would draw upon the European Convention of Human Rights to fight to remain in the village. He said an offer of £300,000 had been made to the landowners to buy the patch and they were awaiting a decision.
“This is an attack on our civil liberties,” he told the court. “The Magna Carta has taken on huge significance.
“We want to continue beyond the anniversary. The case should be thrown out as we are not trespassers.”
A larger court room had to be sourced to cater for 15 members who came ready to defend their village.
Mother, Betty Tobel, said she had lived there for a year, after her landlord in Essex gave 24 hours’ notice to her, her partner and daughter.
She told the court that she had asked Orchid Runnymede to keep her family informed as they would have to arrange accommodation but they received the notice instead.
Eco-Village resident of two years, Samuel Senior, told the court they had previously been given a verbal agreement from Orchid Runnymede that they could remain on the land.
“We do not have free access but do not access the buildings or walk through the demolition,” he said.
Orchid Runnymede declined to comment.

Anarchists sully Surrey site where King John sealed the Magna Carta | Daily Mail Online - Usual Propaganda from the Brown Shirts Paper

Anarchists sully Surrey site where King John sealed the Magna Carta | Daily Mail Online

Dope-smoking anarchists sully site where King John sealed the Magna Carta with litter-strewn shanty town 

  • Squatters have set up shanty town just yards from Runnymede in Surrey
  • The group who are linked to Occupy London have left locals outraged
  • One member said they were using the land to grow their own vegetables
  • They have been given two weeks to submit a defence ahead of hearing   

Occupy Democracy 1-10th May Parliament Square network it make it massive #olsx @occupynn #housingaction

Jasmin from E15 Mums has been arrested for squatting on a housing protest action #olsx @occupynn #housing action

Police just told us Jasmin is being remanded overnight, charged with squatting. People gathering at the police station, full address: Waltham Forest Borough based Custody Centre, Boreham Close, off Hainault Road, E11 1FE.

London: March for the Homeless Weds 15- April 2015 #olsx @occupynn #housingaction

This will be a march and protest in London over the treatment of homeless people in the UK/Ireland and beyond..
This is a new growing solidarity protest/action that will be held in many Cities and towns across the World on the same day by activists and groups concerned with our streets on 15th April….
Amongst the many actions across London on the day being held by various housing/homeless groups there will be a co-ordinated meeting point at Whitehall at 6 p.m. on the day… 

We encourage people to stand in solidarity with our streets as well bring along items that may be of use to those who find themselves homeless or in need to our Streets Kitchen, where a number of groups will also be serving food and distributing essential items to our homeless communities from 6 pm…
There will be speakers from groups directly involved in the fight against homelessness as well as those homeless… Live entertainment… Samba bands…. Spoken Word… #EmptyBeds exhibition… much more to be announced…
Most importantly we need you…. Spread the word….. Make noise… Bring banners… Make your voice heard!!

Many of those calling this action are involved on a daily basis with our streets and we encourage people to support these grassroots groups by getting involved in their ongoing attempts to assist those in need. We now have a month left to build and hold the biggest homeless protest and gathering held in London whilst increasing our vital street support networks….
For example we have had spikes put in where homeless people take shelter in London. The police and local councils have removed sleeping gear and food donated by public in order to discourage homelessness and rough sleeping in London. In a number of boroughs it is now even illegal to commit the heinous crime of rough sleeping under Operation Encompass enforced by the MET Police and various local councils.

People need support from society not being kicked when they are down. They are being killed by the cold and indifference, and are running out of places to turn to as austerity hits services they use….

We will come together to say enough is enough…There is no reason in this society for people not to be able access adequate housing, food or good health other than a lack of political will and sufficient funding.

We call on all individuals and groups to support our homeless communities wherever they may be, however they can….

Squatters move into the cabinet ,at Admilitary arch , London |

Squatters move into the cabinet ,at Admilitary arch , London |

The protest was kicked out very quickly,but was a daring take by the squatters youth club,big up the next generation.
Respect Existance or Expect Resistance.......

DRUM AND BASS - REGGAE MiX {VOL.19} (by faXcooL) [2015]

Russell Brand - The Emperor's New Clothes Trailer

OCCUPY DEMOCRACY CALLS ON SUPPORTERS TO DEFEND ECOVILLAGE ON THE SITE OF DEMOCRACY'S BIRTHPLACE Occupy Democracy is today issuing a call for its supporters to take a stand in the iminent battle of Runnymede 2015. Runnymede is the historic birthplace of democracy where the Magna Carta was signed 800 years ago this year #olsx @occupynn #housingaction



Occupy Democracy is today issuing a call for its supporters to take a stand in the iminent battle of Runnymede 2015. Runnymede is the historic birthplace of democracy where the Magna Carta was signed 800 years ago this year. An Eco-village which was set up on the site in 2012 by people from Occupy London is under threat of eviction to clear it before a politically-charged celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta in June. 

A supporter of the community, Phoenix Rainbow said: "They're trying to clear out the commoners before the Queen and aristocrats arrive to whitewash what's left of the Magna Carta."

Runnymede Eco Village has created a space for occupiers to come and set up home - dubbed "tent city" -  prepared to drastically expand the size of the community in response to a possession order due to go to court this Thursday, 9th April (and also due to be enforced by the same bailiffs who evicted Dale Farm). Free men and women are called to stand in unity.

Clauses in the Magna Carta gave rights to commoners and free men to live comunally on the land. The Runnymede camp are the living embodiment of a different type of democracy as they seek to live in common on the land, while echoing the protest of the Diggers of 1649 who turned to peaceful direct action to highlight social and environmental injustice of that time.

Occupy Democracy activist Julie said:

"It's an extreme hypocrisy to evict the camp now, and one can only wonder at the timing  and suspect that it is in anticipation of the visit of the Queen and the modern barons of society coming to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta not wanting the messy  democracy of the commoners, however pertinent and timely their protest."

Runnymede eco-village resident Danny Freeman said:

"The essence of community is consistently under attack in the UK and nothing could better display the sheer horror of this than the displacement of an eco-family on the boundary of the self-proclaimed birthplace of modern democracy. We will demonstrate our values within our tent city providing skill shares, talks, performance art and a variety of community initiatives which we hope to livestream. The extent of Runnymede eco-village's love has always and will always penetrate every heart and mind imaginable."

In a related development, an affiliated low-impact community, Yorkley Court Community Farm in Forest of Dean [], has also been served an eviction notice in what appears to be a coordinated attack on low-impact forest-dwelling communities.

Pictures of the Runnymede Eco-village can be found here:

For more information see

OCCUPY DEMOCRACY | Occupy Parliament Square 1-10 May #olsx @occupynn #housingaction #democracy

OCCUPY DEMOCRACY | Occupy Parliament Square 1-10 May

Want to do more for our democracy this May than put an X in a box?


As Britain gets ready to go to the polls, join our ten day occupation of Parliament Square to continue building a movement for real democracy: free from corporate control, working for people and planet!
We will return to Parliament Square to expose our broken democracy and work towards real democratic solutions through engaging workshops, lively discussions and creative direct action.
Because democracy is more than an X in a box!
Because the super-rich keep winning whoever gets into power!
Join us to fight for a Real Democracy Now!
Occupy Democracy is a social movement for democracy free from corporate control that works for people and planet
We believe that:
  • our democracy has been captured by corporations, banks and the wealthy,
  • our political system works in the interests of the 1% and not the 99%,
  • nobody voted for NHS privatisation, fracking, TTIP, the tripling of tuition fees, etc,
  • our parliament is a corrupted and unrepresentative institution
  • ordinary people deserve a fair say in the decisions that affect them,
  • our votes, hard won by previous generations, have little value today,
  • there is an alternative!
We demand:
  • reform of party funding so that members of parliament act in the interests of  those who elect them rather than the 1% who bankroll them,
  • major democratic reform of the media to break the stranglehold of vested interests,
  • a fundamental overhaul of lobbying and the way powerful economic interests inhabit the corridors of power within government,
  • the introduction of proportional representation so that everyone’s vote counts,
  • that MPs should not have conflicts of interests from either paid employment or corporate shareholdings,
  • a citizen-led constitutional convention for real democracy.
Our history:

In October 2014 we occupied Parliament Square peacefully for nine days to mark the start of our campaign tood_2 rid our democracy of corporate interests and start a movement capable of building a real democracy that works for people and planet. The establishment responded with a  strategy designed to have a chilling effect – over-policing and media silence. We remained peaceful and resolute in our determination to make  our point, and to demand our right to protest and assemble. Our numbers grew and we kept on with our solutions-focused programme of debates, talks and entertainment. We have returned to Parliament Square every month since, and will continue to do so until the general election in  May 2015. Thank you to everybody who is making this happen! Read more about Occupy Democracy
Legal action update: 
The  Mayor of London appears to be on the back foot after Occupy Democracy and Liberty filed a Judicial Review of his decision to fence off Parliament Square and deny Occupy Democracy access from October to December 2014. When we returned to the Square in January for our monthly occupation there was no fencing to prevent our assembly. A Freedom of  Information request revealed the Mayor spent £1/4 million  suppressing our peaceful pro-democracy protests in October alone, with police numbers peaking at 500 per day. Read the  latest at Liberty
Solidarity events: 

Oysterband "The World Turned Upside Down"

The Diggers Song

Runnymede Eco Village PHOTOS Stand up NOW Diggers All #olsx @occupynn

Runnymede Eco village Diggers 2012 Map and some photos come visit #olsx @occupynn

Yorkley Court Community Farm | Sustainable Agriculture in the Forest of Dean

Yorkley Court Community Farm | Sustainable Agriculture in the Forest of Dean

Why we are here

The way food is produced distributed and consumed in Britain today is shaped by a complex history spanning 1000 years of struggle.
Understanding this history is essential in understanding the way things are today, not just for land workers but for all of us. It is a social history that leaves a divisive legacy across our landscape, our people, our food and our daily work, entrenching poverty and privilege in Britain. Any serious attempts to create local, sustainable food systems must address it.
The history of Britain has been driven by the dispossession of land based communities as the ownership of fields, forest and commons has been progressively concentrated into the hands of a few powerful landowners.
Over the centuries our ancestors have faced enclosures and clearances, the loss of common land and grazing rights and the development of a culture of exclusive land ownership and prohibitive land prices, all intimately connected with the process of industrialisation and colonialism. From this history we look out today on a country where over 75 % of the land is owned by less than 1% of the population, where the average age of a farmer is over 60 and where less than 1% of the population work on the land.
Corporate business dominates all levels of our food system, resulting in complicated and fast moving supply chains where prices for producers are squeezed and scandals such as contamination, gang labour and health scares are increasingly common.
The relationship between land ownership and food systems is clear. Between 2007 and 2013 the EU lost over 25% of its farms because an agricultural industry based on chemical inputs, large land holdings and a high degree of mechanisation is the only farm capable of surviving in a food system dominated by a few big retailers. That kind of agricultural industry leads inevitably to the exploitation of the land, the producers and the health of those who consume its products, whilst making it harder and harder for people with alternative ideas to get a foot hold on the farming ladder.
A just and more sustainable food and farming system would involve short supply chains and a multiplicity of small scale sustainable food producers. Such a system can deliver healthy nutritious food with responsible environmental stewardship and the creation of more meaningful land based livelihoods. However, to do this we need a change of perspective on land and food: we need to understand that the right to food and the right to land go hand in hand.
The story is told in different ways in different places but essentially it goes like this: a destitute man wearily stumbles down a country lane on winters evening and finding a field sheltered from the wind by a good sturdy fence, climbs over and beds down for the night.
In the morning, he wakes with a start, a lady is prodding him with her cane.
“What do you think you are doing here?” she demands, “this land is private property!”
“Is it?” the man asks, waking up.
“It certainly is, I own it!” the lady snaps.
“Well, says the man, rubbing his eyes, “how did you come by it?”
“What a silly question!” the lady exclaims “why, my father owned it”.
“And how did he come by?” the man enquires.
“His father owned it” she replies continuing impatiently “and his father before his, and his father before his and his father before his all the way back to the Norman Conquest.”
I see and what of your fore fathers at the time of the Normand Conquest, how did they come by this land?”
“Well they fought for it of course”.
“Right” says the man getting to his feet and rolling up his sleeves, “then I’ll fight you for it”.
The story exposes the absurdity of our system of land ownership. Whether by direct violence or making a killing in business there is something crazy about anyone laying claim to large tracts of land for private amusemnet or gain while the majority of us cannot lay claim to “one handful of earth”.
The earth was made a common treasury for all” declared Gerrard Winstanly of the 17th centrury Diggers. To them the land should be worked communally and it’s fruits divided equally. A co-operative alternative to the Diggers’ collectivist approach might be that, at the least those who wish to live and/or work on the land should be given control of that which they can manage in a sustainable and productive way: no more, no less.
These are just two “models” of a fairer system of land distribution; there are plenty more voiced and yet to be voiced. What they all have in common is that they throw into stark relief the fact that the current land ownership system continues to reward downright theft and is ultimately a cause of many of our current environmnatal, social and economc ills.
The Movement for Food Sovereignty
All over the world people are finding ways to take back control of their food. In 1993 small organisiataions defending the livelihoods of peasant farmers in South America united to form La Via Campesina. Now a global organisation representing over 200 million small sale farmers and producers, La Via Campesia developed the concept of food sovereignty as a practical basis for rebuilding our food system.
Food sovereignty calls for the right to food controlled by and for people and communities not for big business elites and private profit. The purpose of the food system should be to feed the population in a way that is sustainable and equitable and this can only happen by building local food systems – bringing producers and consumers closer together in a system that is locally controlled by them, that reduces food miles and environmental damage, values food providers and builds knowledge and skills around food growing. The demands of food sovereignty inevitably call for new patterns of land ownership and land distribution as part of this shift to local democratic control of food production.
Britain could be self sufficient in food fuel and fibre if the right decisions were made about land use and consumption. The biggest blocks in making these decisions are the structures of ownership, planning law and corporate monopolies that prevent people from engaging in food growing as a viable livelihood.