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Livestreamer acquitted after case against him collapses Runnymede Festival for democracy #onn #olsx #democracy #magnacarta #commons #freedom


  • Police used powers relating to rave festivals in attempt to shut down “Festival of Democracy” during Magna Carta 800th anniversary celebrations
  • Livestreamer acquitted after case against him collapses
  • Prosecutor expressed dismay that case had even come to trial

The trial of citizen journalist Ben Kidd, who was arrested while livestreaming [1] from Runnymede eco-village’s “Festival of Democracy”, collapsed in Staines Magistrates court on Monday 24th August.

On Friday 12th June, the police had drafted officers in from seven different forces around southern England.

The police claimed that the festival, which included workshops and speakers on a range of pro-democracy topics, was, in fact an ‘illegal rave’. Festival organisers believe the move was designed to prevent residents of the eco-village hosting an alternative celebration of the 800th sealing of the Magna Carta

The festival had been organised by Diggers2012 and Occupy Democracy.

Runnymede eco-village is situated 500 metres from where the Queen and Prime Minister Dave Cameron were taking part in the official celebrations.

Police enforced Section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act (1994) to prevent people from attending the festival [2]. This piece of legislation explicitly defines illegal activity and powers in relation to music “characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats”.

At the time, Surrey Police force said:

“The force will not tolerate unregulated, unlicensed events… officers will direct people preparing, gathering or waiting for the rave to leave the land. In addition the act gives police powers to seize property in relation to an event.”

This gave the police an excuse to routinely deny members of the public access to a series of discussions and talks relating to democracy and the contemporary relevance of the Magna Carta. Speakers included OpenDemocracy founder Anthony Barnett and Guy Standing a professor at SOAS and the author of A Precariat Charter.

Kidd was stopped by police after approaching the village and given a dispersal order, stating that he must travel 5 miles from the site. He was later arrested while livestreaming after police accused him of ignoring the order.

In court the prosecutor began by expressing his dismay that the case had even come to court. Kidd was acquitted when the magistrate accepted that police had not given the dispersal order correctly.

Former Liberal Democrat deputy chair Donnachadh McCarthy, a supporter of Occupy Democracy wrote in The Ecologist at the time of the Festival [3]:

“Surrey Police chiefs disgracefully abused their powers and declared the democracy festival to be a “rave”, a claim faithfully relayed by the BBC along with police claims that they were “committed to ensuring the safety of the public”, acting only “to prevent any disturbance, disruption or distress to the local community”, and concerned about”increased crime”.

He continued:

“Both those arbitrary arrests, and the threatened seizure of the property of those attending the Festival – another power accorded by Section 63 – run completely against the guarantees of the Magna Carta itself: an irony no doubt lost on Surrey Police and their political masters.”

This trial is the latest in a succession of failed attempts to prosecute pro-democracy activists by the Crown Prosecution Service. So far, a string of trials following Occupy Democracy protests in London have collapsed or resulted in acquitals.


[1] Arrest footage (filmed by



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LIONESS ORIGINAL : LA LA & THE BOO YA (2013) sept 11-13 towards day of action at DSEI Arms fair

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Freedom Culture || The Valhalla Movement

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Sunbirds funeral Glastonbury photos a warrior of the Rainbow brother ofour tribe passes to the other worlds

Sunbird who came to join the tribe at the One world Rainbow Centre The squatted St. John the Baptist church in Kentish Town where Rainbow Tribe gathered 1993-96.
Has sadly passed on to the other worlds, to the summer lands as our Celtic ancestors called it.
He was an inspiration to many a generation creating gatherings parties and festivals enjoyed by many hundreds of thousands of people.

He passed away in a road accident travelling between Switzerland and Italian festivals doing the work he loved. In death as in life he brought us all together, a massive tribe of well wishers gathered to celebrate his life in the church of Saint John the Baptist Glastonbury.

Psy trance played and the four directions were honoured inside the church. There was then a procession to the white spring where a water ceremony was conducted for this man, a water wizard who shared the water of the worlds with many.
A large procession then headed up Glastonbury Tor to circle around the tor with the Dragon, followed by a large circle when where many people spoke of his great works and how he inspired so many people.
It was a very moving ceremony he will be missed, but in his passing, he is asking us all to step up to share our gifts, to create gatherings and celebrations for the earth.

His Earth heart cafe was at the heart of many festivals over the last two decades travelling across Europe and the world. The day ended with a full on tribal  gathering in the King Arthur pub Glastonbury.Where many tribe met moot and celebrated his life.
Fly free brother Sunbird your life touched many and inspired much action.
Death is only a doorway ,the ancient Celts did not fear death as they knew we lead many lives in many incarnations,death is the beginning of the next great adventure.

Travel well to the other worlds brother Warrior of the Rainbow, you can't kill the spirit
one love Phoenix

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Lyrically Challenged is back Sunday 23rd of August at the HIVE Dalston 260 - 264 kingsland road.haggerston overland 2pm - 9pm.Our first family event non alcohol venue, with smoothies, raw food a BBQ and a massive line up.

Lyrically Challenged is back Sunday 23rd of August at the HIVE Dalston 260 - 264 kingsland road.haggerston overland  2pm - 9pm.Our first family event non alcohol venue, with smoothies, raw food a BBQ and a massive line up.Childrens yoga, paintings. 
Its our first time creating a day event in a community and we could use lots of support as we work to shift consciousness, with, art, music, love vibes!! 
 please spread the word! 
"Love and growth through hip-hop"

Runnymede Eco Village back in High court of Appeal Sept 10th Raising issues of removal of our Magna Carta Rights to Fair Trial,legal Aid,Forest Charter and Common law #onn #olsx #magnacarta #commons #legalaid #protest #Runnymede #ecovillage @occupyWallst #democracy

Runnymede eco village  returns to High Court of appeal the Strand london on September the 10th.
This Historic appeal case will raise major issues of Constitutional Law.

The Eco village was taken to court after 3 years of occupation on June 15th the exact 800th anniversary of  the Magna Carta being sealed. 
The Judge on the day addressed and ruled on some of our arguments on licence and ECHR European court of Human rights.

However he very strangely did not even address or make any ruling on our arguments under the Magna Carta, Forest charter and Common Law.
This was most strange that on the exact 800th anniversary  day, while the Queen and world leaders gathered to celebrate the whats left of the Magna Carta, the Judge did not even mention the words "Magna Carta".Its even as if he was warned not to mention it in any ruling.

Let alone address our arguments under Magna Carta article 39 , rights to a fair Trial being removed by our governments support for extraordinary rendition,the secret prison complex. 
The removal of our Legal Aid and how this has affected Habeous Corpus and rights to a fair trial.

Our rights to seek redress by occupation of crown/government land and buildings from article 61 of the Magna Carta.
That these rights were granted in perpetuity ( perpetual/for ever) 
that the  sovereignty of the people  has been gradually removed and wittled away,with ever increasing draconian laws.
The judge did not address our rights under the Forest Charter,rights to sustain ourselves from the wasteland and woodland,which at Runnymede we have occupied for over 3 years.

And finally the Judge completely ignored and failed to address in his ruling  Mr. Hampsons arguments on common law.Our rights to share the common wealth of the earth.

It is for these reasons that we were given leave to appeal at the High court.

The Runnymede Festival for democracy was heavily suppressed by the police and authorities, sending Police from 7 counties forces,to surround the village and deny access to hundreds of people and guest speakers on the Magna Carta and emissaries from countries as far away as Kurdistan.
Despite this many hundreds made it into the event under over or through the fences.Never give up keep struggling and striving for a better world.

A call was put out from the Runnymede Festival for Democracy from the eco villagers,Occupy Democracy/Occupy london,The Putney debates,Assemblies for Democracy,Open democracy,Members of the Peoples assembly and Radical assembly and Brick lane debates for a Citizen led Constitutional Convention,similar to that created by the people of Iceland. and the above groups are working towards a convention around november time.

Its time to Reclaim our democracy from the Corrupt politicians,and their corporate cronies whose,corporate Coup of TTIP the undemocratic Trans atlantic Trade agreement, is rushing us down the road to Tyrrany.
Reclaim the power Now is the Hour.
Keep networking,Real democracy Now
U can't kill the Spirit, u can't kill an idea 
Lets create a fair,just and  sustainable future for all future generations.
viva the resistance Phoenix

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MAST Produktion - Swedish article on squatting and the Bohemians

MAST Produktion

needs google translate

No one knows how many they are , few know where they live or how they live - but more have an opinion about them. They are squatters , squatters , and are available across London . Some do it to escape homelessness , others by political conviction or to avoid high rents .

Here some of them about why they are occupying.

Peter Phoenix (left) , Mordechai Ben Avrohum and Daniel Gardonyi under a "crew meeting" , where they go through what needs to be done during the day . In addition to planning activities discussed practical issues such as cleaning and washing . The activists say they work horizontally, which means that they have no leader. Instead they aim to achieve consensus , then make decisions that everyone in the group feels that they can stand behind .

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Phenomenon zecharia sitchkin The Lost Archives annunaki sumerian gods Ge...

Cryocoral Conservation - Al Jazeera English

Cryocoral Conservation - Al Jazeera English

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Coral reefs are the most biologically diverse marine habitats in the world. As well as providing vital protection against storm damage and coastal erosion, millions of people rely on reefs for food.
Yet years of unsustainable fishing practices, pollution and rising sea temperatures means that up to one-fifth of all coral reefs around the world have already been destroyed. So the battle is on to safeguard their future.
Dr Mary Hagedorn of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute has been on a global mission to create a seed bank to protect the world's highly-threatened coral biodiversity. Using technology and techniques similar to those used in human sperm banks, Hagedorn and her colleagues were the first on the planet to cryogenically freeze the sperm and stem cells of coral.
Russell Beard travels to Oahu, Hawaii, to join Dr Hagedorn's team on a spawn gathering trip to gather and freeze endangered coral sperm and cells for future use. 

20 Houseplants That Can Clear Toxins From Your Home @alternet

20 Houseplants That Can Clear Toxins From Your Home @alternet

Bringing a bit of nature into your home does more than brighten the atmosphere. Introducing houseplants into various rooms in the house can help reduce the chance of getting seasonal sicknesses (such as the common cold), remove airborne contaminants (volatile organic compounds [or VOCs]), reduce the chance of headaches, lift your mood, decrease your blood pressure, reduce allergies, improve sleep and much more.
The 20 plants listed below are specifically known for their air purifying properties. And while an open window may feel like all the fresh air you need, did you know that everything from toilet paper to common household cleaners can contain chemicals and release toxins like formaldehyde? Or that VOCs like benzene can be released into the air by everything from the paint on your walls, to the printed material found in your home?
So why not breathe a bit easier and enjoy the beauty of a new houseplant at the same time?
(All plants listed will clear CO2 and may clear more VOCs than noted.)
1. Golden pothos (Scindapsus aures): Clears formaldehyde and other VOCs.
(image: Chayatorn Laorattanavech/

Eco-activists teargassed as they storm German coal mine — RT News

Eco-activists teargassed as they storm German coal mine — RT News

Eco-activists teargassed as they storm German coal mine 

Environmental activists have broken through police lines and stormed a lignite mine in western Germany, protesting against the use of coal.
A few people from the group EndeGelaende, which translates as “It’s finished now”, managed to break through police lines. The incident took place in Garzweiler, west of Cologne, local DPA news agency reported.
The trespass caused the step-up in security: 1,200 police officers arrived at the site and made several arrests.
Officers used pepper spray, batons, and tear gas against the demonstrators, and were removing the activists from the scene, according to police spokesman Anton Hamacher, as quoted by AP.
Bucket-wheel excavators had to be closed for safety reasons during the protest, the spokesman for German energy company RWE, in charge of the mine, Lothar Lambertz, said.

Russia's oil industry endangering its indigenous people - Al Jazeera English

Russia's oil industry endangering its indigenous people - Al Jazeera English

Russia has 40 recognised groups of what it calls "small numbered indigenous peoples."

Many have managed to hold onto traditional lifestyles, despite the efforts of the former Soviet system to make them conform.

These days, their biggest challenge is the spread of the oil industry through their homelands.
Although Russia enshrines indigenous rights in law, in resource-rich areas the interests of the oil-dependent state are often in direct conflict with the people who lived there long before Russians ever arrived.
Rory Challands reports from Surgut, in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region, on one indigenous man's confrontation with the system.

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England to test charge-as-you-drive 'electric motorways' - BBC News

England to test charge-as-you-drive 'electric motorways' - BBC News

Motorists will be able to recharge their cars as they drive if a scheme being proposed by Highways England comes to fruition.
The government agency has announced plans to test wireless power-transfer tech that it hopes to build under the country's motorways and major A roads.
It has already completed a feasibility study and is now asking companies to tender bids to host off-road trials.
But one expert questioned whether such a scheme would be cost effective.

South Korean tests

Charge-as-you-drive technologies have already been pioneered elsewhere.
In 2013, the South Korean town of Gumi switched on a 12km (7.5 miles) route that allows buses with compatible equipment to be charged as they drive over it.
It works by a process called Shaped Magnetic Field In Resonance.
Kaist OLEV project
South Korea has fitted a stretch of road with equipment to wirelessly charge special buses

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The Matrix Soundtrack- Juno Reactor Vs Don Davis - Navras

The Tesla battery heralds the beginning of the end for fossil fuels - Business Insider

The Tesla battery heralds the beginning of the end for fossil fuels - Business Insider

While wind and solar power have made great strides in recent years, with renewables now accounting for 22% of electric energy generated, the issue that has held them back has been their transience. The sun doesn’t shine at night and the wind doesn’t blow year-round – these are the mantras of all those opposed to the progress of renewables.
Now the renewable power billionaire Elon Musk has just blown away that final defence. Last Thursday in California he introduced to the world his sleek new Powerwall – a wall-mounted energy storage unit that can hold 10 kilowatt hours of electric energy, and deliver it at an average of 2 kilowatts, all for US$3,500.

Read more:

Global warming increases 'food shocks' threat - BBC News

Global warming increases 'food shocks' threat - BBC News

Climate change is increasing the risk of severe 'food shocks' where crops fail and prices of staples rise rapidly around the world.
Researchers say extreme weather events that impact food production could be happening in seven years out of ten by the end of this century.
The authors argue that an over reliance on global trade may make these production shocks worse. 
The impacts are most likely to be felt across Africa and the Middle East. 
Poor harvests and low stocks of grains in 2008 combined with a host of other factors to produce a spectacular price rise in cereals, with a UN index of prices peaking at 2.8 times higher than it was at the turn of the millennium.
In 2010-11, a heat wave in Russia led to the country's worst drought in 40 years, decimating the grain harvest and leading indirectly, to food riots in North African countries as prices of bread rose rapidly.

Our political revolutions will fail, unless we have social and sexual revolutions that push them into the home. Do Arab men hate women? - Al Jazeera English very interesting feminist debate watch it.

Do Arab men hate women? - Al Jazeera English

Our political revolutions will fail, unless we have social and sexual revolutions that push them into the home.
Mona Eltahawy
"Why do they hate us?"
With these five words in a controversial magazine article, Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy shot to fame, unleashing a devastating critique of women’s rights in the Arab world.
In the season premiere of Head to Head , Mehdi Hasan challenges Eltahawy on her views regarding the status of women in Arab states.
Are Arab or Muslim societies inherently patriarchal? And how does the narrative of Islam as sexist play into geo-politics and Western stereotypes of the Middle East?
Joining the discussion is Dr Aitemad Muhanna of the London School of Economics’ Middle East Centre; self-proclaimed progressive Imam Dr Taj Hargey; and Dr Shuruq Naguib, a British-Egyptian academic from Lancaster University. 

Tribes struggle with toxic spill as EPA is accused of deliberate disaster — RT USA

Tribes struggle with toxic spill as EPA is accused of deliberate disaster — RT USA

As Native American tribes are struggling to cope with a toxic spill caused by an Environmental Protection Agency contractor that turned a river in Colorado orange, a letter from a retired geologist has emerged, that warned of the risk a week beforehand.
A contractor for the EPA released some three million gallons of toxic mining sludge on August 5 while attempting to clean up an abandoned mine near Silverton, Colorado. The waste flowed into Cement Creek, and has since contaminated the Animas River, San Juan River, and the Colorado River in Utah.
The Southern Ute Indian Tribe in southern Colorado has declared a state of local emergency. Their 1,059-square-mile reservation was the first to be hit by the spill, a 100-mile-long stream of mining waste containing lead, copper, and arsenic. Classifying the spill as a disaster enables the release of aid and recovery funds.